Miley Cyrus once pranked Liam Hemsworth, and he's still getting his revenge

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Six years after Miley Cyrus pranked Liam Hemsworth on an episode of MTV’s Punk’d, he still hasn’t gotten over it.

At least that’s what it seems like, judging from his behavior of late. Hemsworth documented his fiancée’s shock when he scared her as she came into a room first thing Saturday morning.


The video, which he shared on Instagram Stories and an eagle-eyed fan captured for posterity, came only a week after Cyrus herself posted another incident. In that one, the couple was taking a seemingly routine drive, going down the road and bopping along to the radio, when he pretended to lose control of the car. Naturally, she reacted to that in a perfectly calm manner, as anyone would.



He has pulled the car one before, which we know because Cyrus shared a video of him doing it nearly two years ago. It happened when they were jamming to a Justin Bieber tune, of all things.


The original prank between the two, at least the one we know about, was part of Punk’d, the MTV prank show, in which Cyrus memorably tricked Hemsworth into thinking that two nude strangers had jumped into her parked car. The Hunger Games actor was fiercely protective of his girlfriend and visibly frustrated with the actors playing the police officers on the scene.

Can you see in his eyes that he’s already plotting revenge?

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