Milhouse is out of bed, full of beans, and checking out Bucks-Celtics

Every year, I put off getting a Halloween costume until it’s too late to do anything cool. (Well, almost every year.) There’s always a reason — too busy with the start of the season, no good ideas I haven’t done before, no motivation — but I always find myself envying those who’ve got the creativity to come up with something fun, the fortitude to see it through, and the gumption to rock it out in public.

And so, I salute my man in Wisconsin for bringing a full-on Milhouse Van Houten to the MECCA for Thursday night’s TNT tilt between the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics, displaying impressive commitment to both “The Simpsons” and the hometown team:

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Thursday’s game didn’t go the Bucks’ way, but everything was still coming up Milhouse. (Screencap via TNT)

When the TNT cameras caught him for the first time, midway through the second quarter, his appearance was jarring. It was immediately clear to anyone who’s obsessed over “The Simpsons” over the years what he was doing — that “Radioactive Man” comic with the “Itchy and Scratchy” ad on the back cemented our hero as someone in costume rather than someone with a very severe case of jaundice — but also a little sad. I appreciate your devotion to the bit, Grown-Up Milhouse, but you’re like 20 feet away from Giannis Antetokounmpo, one of the NBA’s most singular experiences. Get your head out of the comic and appreciate the grandeur!

Luckily, not even a gripping plot about a superhero fueled by the power of “clean, nuclear heat” could compare to the thrill of watching Giannis in transition:

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Sadly, the Bucks couldn’t pull one out for ol’ Milhouse, falling to the Celtics 96-89. Even so, I think our friendly cosplayer here can chalk Thursday night up in the win column after a Halloween job well done. And if you disagree, well, I bet he won’t care. His mom still says he’s cool, anyway.

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