Military analyst on Russian new 'banzai' tactics in Robotyne

Ruins of Robotyne, April 2024
Ruins of Robotyne, April 2024

Co-founder and analyst of DeepState platform, Roman Pohorilyi spoke in an interview with Radio NV about the “banzai attacks” of the Russian occupiers in Robotyne, Zaporizhzhya Oblast.

“Enemy continues to pressure our positions in Robotyne, also uses ‘banzai attacks’,” Pohorilyi said on Radio NV.

“This tactics has been used many times before, when they drive on IFV’s with infantry in a certain area directly, even under risk. Now they are driving right into the center of village. Our military meet them with fire, including drones and drops from them, and destroy them.”

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At the same time, analyst noted that Robotyne cannot be considered a gray zone, because Ukrainian military is holding the line and the occupiers cannot gain a foothold.

“Now they are trying from Novoprokopivka, from southern and southwestern outskirts, somehow trying to advance,” Pohorilyi also said.

“They are very focused on shelling, but there is nothing left to shell. Today a video was released by the 65th Brigade showing that Robotyno no longer exists physically, it’s just a complete ruin, a flat, leveled ground. There is no longer even the kind of destruction where there are just pieces of buildings left, it’s just all turned to ash. And yet, despite this, enemy is trying to advance.”

He said that it is very difficult for Ukrainian military to hold on in this area and the situation is “getting worse every day.”

Battle for Robotyne

Village of Robotyne was occupied by Russians in March 2022. In August 2023, Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated village. Since then, occupiers have not stopped trying to regain their lost ground.

Institute for the Study of War said that Russian troops advanced to western outskirts of Robotyne and continued intensified offensives in Zaporizhzhya Oblast on Feb. 20.

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In March, National Guard spokesman Ruslan Muzychuk said that active fighting was taking place near the village of Robotyne in Zaporizhzhya Oblast. Russians are trying to conduct assault operations from south and east in direction of Ukrainian settlement.

Zaporizhzhya regional council member Serhiy Lyshenko said on Espresso TV channel that firefights are in Robotyne already on April 9.

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Armed Forces denied that report and said that Robotyne remained under control of Ukrainian Armed Forces. At the same time, in area of responsibility of the 65th Separate Mechanized Brigade defending the village, there are regular clashes with subversive groups that enter the village and try to gain a foothold there.

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