Milk containers added to provincial recycling program

Saskatchewan residents can now rake in a little more cash by recycling milk containers at SARCAN centres.

Milk containers were added to the provincial recycling program on April 1, so they can now be returned to any SARCAN depot for a refund of the deposit paid at the point of purchase.

SARCAN will accept beverage containers for milk, buttermilk, cream, fluid coffee creams, lactose-free milk products and drinkable yogurt. SARCAN will only accept milk containers with best before dates after April 1, 2017.

"Another line of milk containers will increase the recycling rates of that product in the province of Saskatchewan," said Saskatchewan Minister of the Environment Scott Moe.

"[It gives] everyone the opportunity, rural and urban, to return their milk containers, along with other containers, to the SARCAN depot."

The change comes along with an increase for the returnable deposit for certain items — the first change to deposit amounts since 1992.

For example, the deposit for aluminum, tin and plastic containers one litre or greater will increase from 20 cents to 25 cents.

Residents still have the option to place their containers in their curbside recycling bins, but they will not receive a refund on the deposit paid at the point of purchase.

Moe said that Saskatchewan has one of the premiere recycling programs in the nation, with an over 80 per cent return rates on recyclable items.