Millionaire tech mogul John McAfee claims his 'incompetent enemies' tried to kill him

Elise Solé

On Friday, the millionaire and political activist tweeted a bizarre claim to explain why he had recently gone dark on Twitter. “I apologize for my three-day absence but I was unconscious for two days at the Vidant Medical Center in North Carolina and just woke up,” he wrote. “My enemies [managed] to spike something that I ingested. However, I am more difficult to kill than anyone can possibly imagine. I am back.

McAfee also posted two graphic photos of himself lying in a hospital bed adding, “And for those who did this — You will soon understand the true meaning of wrath. I know exactly who you are. You’d had better be gone.” 

He then shared a photo of him and Janice, his wife of five years, throwing up their middle fingers, writing, “My wife @themrsmcafee and I with a message to my incompetent enemies.”

Most people shared their concern for McAfee’s health, but when one individual questioned whether the story was true, Janice leaped to her husband’s defense. “He doesn’t need to be tough on Twitter,” she wrote. “Despite what you idiots think, he actually has real security threats against his life for speaking out against corrupt governments and three letter agencies. Just because it doesn’t make the evening news doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

McAfee’s representatives and the Vidant Medical Center did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment.

The British-American techie has led a scandalous life, as some Twitter users pointed out. After developing his namesake anti-software program in the late 1980s — which he “wrote in a day and a half,” he told ABC News — he acquired a net worth of $100 million, only to lose it during the 2009 recession. “I wasted it, like everybody who has money,” he told the outlet, of his freewheeling ventures which included planes and vintage cars.

Later that year, McAfee decided to move to Belize, “because I’m a stupid man,” he told ABC News, only to become involved in a drug-and-murder investigation. He established a laboratory to manufacture antibiotics made from jungle plants, in the hopes of providing local jobs, however, the Belize government raided and destroyed it on suspicion that he was making methamphetamine. McAfee claimed the government demanded from him a $2 million-dollar extortion fee. As ABC reported, McAfee was cleared of drug charges and moved to the neighboring island of Ambergris Caye.

John McAfee tweeted graphic photos of his hospitalization, which he claims is a result of someone spiking his drink. (Photo: Getty Images)

Trouble followed: His new neighbor Greg Faull took issue with McAfee’s nine dogs and threatened to kill them, throwing poisoned meat over McAfee’s fence, which caused the dogs to die. The following night, someone shot Faull to death in his home.

McAfee, now a murder suspect, fled to Guatemala, only to be arrested for illegal entry. Per ABC, before he was deported back to Belize, McAfee faked a heart attack, buying his lawyer time to file an appeal. He was then deported to Miami.

In 2012, after landing in Florida, McAfee picked up a prostitute named Janice, who was 37 years his junior. The pair quickly fell in love and married one year later. “I instantly saw in Janice what I had been looking for my entire life,” McAfee told 20/20 in 2017.

McAfee ran for president in the 2016 election, representing the Libertarian Party, which stands for limited government and economic conservatism. On the subject of whether businesses should be able to decline services to those who differ in values, McAfee said, according to Fox Business, “If you’re the only baker in town, it may be a problem. But no one is forcing you to buy anything or to choose one person over another. So why should I be forced to do anything if I am not harming you? It’s my choice to sell, your choice to buy.”

While McAfee ultimately lost to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, he announced his intention to run for president in the 2020 election, advocating for cryptocurrency. 

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