Millions ‘fear they’re wasting money on Christmas presents’

Food and time with family are what people really look forward to, survey suggests (SWNS)
Food and time with family are what people really look forward to, survey suggests (SWNS)

Millions believe they are wasting their money on unwanted Christmas presents – as more than seven in 10 say they value spending time with loved ones more than receiving a gift.

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed 81 per cent find the present-buying process at Christmas ‘stressful’.

And as a result, nearly one in five (16 per cent) admit they leave their festive shopping to the last minute.

In fact, 15 per cent miss out on festive get-togethers because of this.

However, spending time with family and the festive food topped the list of what adults are most looking forward to on the big day this year following two years of Christmas celebrations disrupted by coronavirus restrictions.

While present giving through Secret Santa ranked as one of the lowest activities they are excited to do.

The research was commissioned by Aperol. Loris Contro, Campari Group UK Italian Icons brand ambassador, said: “Coming together with friends and family is what Christmas is all about – spending time with each other is a gift.

“And while the festive season is a swirl of social events, we know that the sheer volume of pre-planned arrangements and last-minute admin can be overwhelming.

The research also put a spotlight on the most important gift this Christmas is presence, as 55 per cent plan to do more catching up with loved ones than previous years.

While nearly one-fifth (19 per cent) say they would most want to be gifted with an experience to enjoy with a loved one this year.

And when it comes to sending cards, more than a quarter (27 per cent) say they would rather receive a card with a meaningful message than a material gift.

While 74 per cent of these believe it’s a nice way to let someone know they’re being thought of.

Loris Contro added: “With reconnecting with loved ones so high on the agenda this Christmas, we want everyone to reclaim a little bit of spontaneity throughout the festive period and enjoy some quality time together.”