Millions of see-through baby fish move mesmerizingly behind coral head

There are fish in the ocean of all shapes, colours, and sizes. Some swim and hunt on their own. Others school in vast numbers, creating a mesmerizing effect. These small, transparent fish were seen schooling behind a coral head in the remote waters of the Galapagos Islands. A diver came across them as he explored the reef. These fish have transparent bodies, making them look almost like they are just eyes and stomachs. The rest of the fish is almost invisible. They move in unison as they react to changes in the current or the visual stimuli around them. This is a defence mechanism, making the individuals more difficult for predators to single out and catch. Life in the Galapagos Islands is incredibly diverse and unique. The animals here have adapted to survive life in this remote and hostile part of the world. They are famously unafraid of humans and many will allow observation from a very close distance.