Millville teen’s art and inspiration on display

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Millville's Kadence Larsen, who attends school in Nackawic, has plenty of hobbies, some that don't last long. But, her hobbies around art won't disappear anytime soon.

The 13-year-old will soon turn 14 and will showcase her artwork this month at the Creek Village Gallery Café on Connell Street in Woodstock.

Larsen said Japanese anime provided the early inspiration for her art, but she also draws inspiration from YouTubers and friends.

"I first started getting more into doing art in the fifth grade," she said. "In school, I'm good at language arts and art."

Larsen said she enjoys painting, drawing, hunting, spending time in nature, horseback riding and watching anime.

"I also have a habit of hobby jumping, which means I'm really into stuff for about a week before I drop it. But drawing is a hobby that I haven't gotten rid of," she said.

Larsen also loves her pets, including a 13-year-old German shepherd named Ranger, a three-month-old husky-German shepherd mix named Shinook, and a three-year-old Guinea pig named Cleo.

Creek Village Café and Gallery's Paul Twyford said they are excited to add Larsen to the long list of local youth to showcase their creations on the Creek Village's Youth Artist Spotlight wall sponsored by Woodstock businessman Greg MacPherson.

For young artists like Larsen, Twyford said, it's a confidence builder to have their work exhibited in a gallery and noticed by the local media.

"It's an experience that will be remembered for the rest of their lives," he said.

Twyford said the young Millville artist explains the inspiration behind most of her artistic creations.

"Kadence has done something special, especially for a 13-year-old, by creating notes about a number of her artworks," he said.

One such note reminds us that Larsen's creative outlets stretch beyond painting and drawing.

For example, her note explaining the inspiration behind a drawing called Mind Like a Carnival states as follows:

"This person is a representative of me. I was writing a song called Mind Like a Carnival, and I was thinking if I were ever to publish the song, that's what I would've wanted the outfit of choice to be because singers have different outfits depending on what their song is about. I am holding a baseball bat because I like to be prepared. I also wanted me to be kinda like a clown, but with no red nose, so I decided a jester was a better idea."

Check out the notes about all Larsen's works with the accompanying photos. Also, check out her work at Creek Village Gallery and Café on Connell Street in downtown Woodstock.

Jim Dumville, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, River Valley Sun

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