Milo Ventimiglia confronted a harsh critic and what happened next will make you love him more

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

This Is Us star and just super-nice guy Milo Ventimiglia visited Megyn Kelly Today and revealed a time when he changed the mind of a critic who had been a little harsh. He said, “It wasn’t that this journalist didn’t like me; they had never really given me a favorable review. But that’s their job as a critic and I understand that. We all have jobs, and that was their particular job.”

That critic later gave Ventimiglia a positive review for his performance on This Is Usand Ventimiglia described the potentially awkward moment he had when he and the critic finally met. “I had an opportunity to meet this journalist, and when I was speaking to them, I thanked them. I said, ‘You know, for years you gave me negative comments, but that drove me to always do better. So I want to thank you, and I appreciate that,’” Ventimiglia remembered.

According to Ventimiglia, the journalist “couldn’t believe it.” Ventimiglia went on to say that he tries to approach every situation with a positive perspective.

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