Milwaukee Democrat Responds To Trump's 'Horrible City' Insult With Brutal One-Liner

U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) had a damning response to Donald Trump reportedly calling Milwaukee a “horrible city” just weeks before the Republican National Convention begins there July 15.

Moore, whose congressional district includes most of the city, on Thursday told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s comment was pure projection.

Trump himself is “a horrible person,” she said, noting that he was recently convicted on dozens of felony charges in his hush money trial.

“It’s not just these 34 felony counts, but he’s a sexual assaulter and there are 54 more counts out against him for really trying to undermine our elections and … inspiring an insurrection,” Moore said, referencing the remaining charges in Trump’s upcoming criminal trials and apparently citing the civil verdict in his sexual abuse trial. “So, he’s a horrible person.”

Some Trump apologists have suggested that he was referring to the city’s crime rate with his slur, despite a sharp decrease in homicides there recently.

But in her chat with O’Donnell, Moore said: “I don’t know many people in Milwaukee who have 34 felony counts against them. So our crime rate sure is going to go up when he joins us in Milwaukee.”

“There you go. That’s right,” agreed O’Donnell.

“They had to find a city where Donald Trump wasn’t facing indictments, so Milwaukee was on the list,” he jokingly added.

On social media, meanwhile, Moore said: “I have personally advocated with a bipartisan group to get extra funding for security for this convention. So it is a slap in the face to have my beloved city described as anything other than welcoming.”

In another post, she wrote that once the former president has “settled in with his parole officer, I am certain he will discover that Milwaukee is a wonderful, vibrant and welcoming city full of diverse neighborhoods and a thriving business community.”

Listen to Moore’s interview with O’Donnell starting around the 36-minute mark below: