‘This is awesome’: A Buc-ee’s built entirely of LEGOs wows fans of iconic Texas stores

Buc-ee’s has been expanding its mega gas station franchise across the U.S. in recent years, but this latest creation can fit on your kitchen table.

The Texas-based company opened its first store in Clute over four decades ago in 1982. For years the company only had stores in the Lone Star State, but has since expanded to Tennessee, Florida and Georgia.

However, pumping diesel is not what you do at this latest Buc-ee’s creation.

The LEGO-sized Buc-ee’s comes from the Beyond The Brick Instagram page and is credited to David Gautreaux, Don Siebert, Paige Mueller and Mike Taylor.

Buc-ee’s regulars will recognize a few familiar features: the many gas pumps, huge bathrooms, long snack aisle and crowded entryway. There’s even a LEGO beaver statue perfect for “minifigure” photo-ops.

Fans have flocked to the post’s comment section to express their love for the LEGO build.

“This is awesome except it’s not crowded enough in there,” one commenter said.

Others mentioned the difference between the LEGO and real-life Buc-ee’s.

“They’re missing like 80 gas pumps,” another comment read.

And some simply loved the idea.

“This is the best use of LEGOs in the history of LEGOs,” read another comment.

Buc-ee’s has over 40 locations, including 34 across Texas. Find your closest location here.