Miniature horse shot mysteriously

A woman in Cottlesville, on New World Island, was shocked to discover her miniature horse had been shot in the leg last weekend.

"I was really shocked and really upset that someone could do this to my animal," said Lorie Philpott, about Charlie, her 17-year-old miniature horse.

Charlie was found bleeding from a gunshot wound on the back of his leg Sept. 30. He still has the shattered bullet in his leg because it's too close to the bone to remove.

"Hopefully it stays where it is," said Philpott. "It eventually it may cure around it, but if it moves he could eventually become lame."

She says the blood trail led back down the road into a neighbour's yard.

Philpott has a large menagerie, and some of the animals roam. She says most people don't mind, but there have been some hard feelings for a couple of years— culminating in a phone call in June telling her to keep the horses away.

"I would really like to find out who [did] it," said Philpott. "And for something to be done about it."

The RCMP in Twillingate is waiting for a report from the veterinarian who examined Charlie. The investigation is still ongoing.

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