Minister Brags About Sexual Prowess on ‘Family Feud’

On Family Feud, Steve Harvey had the pleasure of meeting Ricardo. Ricardo described himself as an educator, a private executive, and an ordained minister. It’s because of this description of himself that what came out of his mouth when introducing his wife took Harvey by surprise to say the least.

Steve Harvey’s reaction to Ricardo on Family Feud. (Photo: Family Feud)

“I make her call Jesus on Saturday night, and take her to go see him on Sunday morning,” Ricardo said.

That may seem like a good place to stop for most people, but not for Ricardo. Ricardo wanted to share more of his private life with the world, but he didn’t want to do the bragging himself. He asked his wife, Tamara, to do it for him when he asked her to reveal his nickname.

“This is the Reverend Wood,” said Tamara.

After gathering himself, Harvey came to a conclusion about where he’ll go when he dies.

“Well, that’s all I need to know, because I’ll tell you right now, based on this conversation, I am definitely going to heaven,” Harvey said.

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