Minnesota protester tells CNN reporter to 'get away from here with that media s**t'

CNN correspondent Sara Sidner was interrupted Monday night while reporting on the protests in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota following the police killing of Daunte Wright on Sunday. The man who interrupted Sidner accused her, and all media for that matter, of attempting to make the protesters look crazy. Sidner attempted to interview the man, but he remained contentious.

The man refused to give his name, and when he was asked for his thoughts on the situation, he replied, “What I think about this is all the press, and all the extra s**t y’all do, makes this worse.”

The man continued to accuse Sidner of not reporting on what’s actually happening, and directed her to get closer to the crowd, which is where she was headed when he stopped her. As she walked away, Sidner said, “Alright, so everybody’s got a hot head right now as you might imagine.”