Minto Halloween graveyard display captures attention

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Trick-or-treaters stopping at Jeff Tibbo's house on Halloween will be greeted by cemetery gates, coffins and eerie lights.

The Minto resident has spent the last five years trying to perfect his handmade display.

"I started with this flimsy little guillotine that I built," he said. "Now we're up to arches, and mausoleums, crypts, and fences and obelisks."

The elaborate graveyard scene includes priests having a burial with two other skeletons, a witch making brew, and zombies. The display has also taken a pandemic twist with the characters all wearing masks this year.

Skeleton bones guide the way through the yard for trick-or-treaters before they receive candy through a long tube for physical distancing.

Submitted by Jeff Tibbo
Submitted by Jeff Tibbo

Tibbo said he started creating a Halloween display a few years ago after he was injured and unable to work. His mental health began to deteriorate and he went to seek counselling.

"It was right around Halloween and I had always kind of done a yard haunt with the dollar store stuff," he told Shift NB.

It was suggested that Tibbo try building something for Halloween to divert his focus.

Now he works on the project throughout the year. Some of the pieces can take months to create.

Submitted by Jeff Tibbo
Submitted by Jeff Tibbo

The inspiration for many objects come from places in Fredericton, like the loyalist burial ground in the city's downtown.

One crypt was replicated from a church on the north side.

"I go into graveyards and I saw that and I was like, 'Oh, how can I build this?'" he said.

Submitted by Jeff Tibbo
Submitted by Jeff Tibbo

The spooky display, complete with fog and light, has drawn the attention of passersby.

Tibbo said he's already thinking about improvements for next year.

"I'm really looking forward to when the kids start coming," he said. "That's always been my favourite part of Halloween.