Miracle dog found ALIVE in Colorado mountains 19 days after being thrown from car crash that killed his owner

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Bentley the Goldendoodle has been found alive 19 days after being thrown from a crash that killed his owner (Facebook/Bring Bentley Home)

A dog that went missing after he was thrown from a car in a crash that killed his owner has finally been found after nearly three weeks.

Bentley the Goldendoodle was last seen running away after the Jeep he was in with Samantha Orr and her mother Jennifer fell hundreds of feet over a hillside in Colorado.

Samantha suffered serious injuries but her mother sadly died at the scene.

One-year-old Bentley vanished and strangers quickly flooded to the area to find him as Samantha was airlifted to hospital.

As days turned into weeks, Bentley was nowhere to be seen but Samantha held onto hope as she was told her dog’s body would’ve been found if he had died.

After two weeks, sightings of Bentley began pouring in, with people spotting him laying near rocks at the top of the mountain, above the crash site.


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Samantha said: ‘[They said he was] peering down at the Jeep wreckage, patiently waiting for his family to return.’

After meeting up with a rescue team at the site in Buena Vista early one morning, Samantha spent hours hiking to the top of the mountain to find her beloved pet pooch.

And, after several hours, she spotted her dog.

Bentley managed to avoid sustaining any injuries during his ordeal on his own (Facebook/Bring Bentley Home)

Samantha said: ‘I came within 30 to 40 feet of him. He wouldn’t come to me, but seemed interested. Eventually his fear got the best of him and he made his way to the ridge.

‘I slowly but surely followed him, upon reaching the summit, I could see him watching me.

‘I got close to him, laid down, unpacked some items to eat and a new toy I’d purchased from him. He never moved an inch for over 15 minutes.

The pooch was last seen running down the hill after the crash (Facebook/Bring Bentley Home)

‘Eventually I decided to give him some space, back off for a few minutes, and that got his attention. When I came back, him and I slowly altered walking few steps towards each other until finally I was able to convince him to come into my arms.’

‘I got close to him, laid down, unpacked some items to eat and a new toy I’d purchased from him.’

Samantha added: ‘I have never, and I mean never, done such dangerous and rewarding activity in my entire life.’

Bentley is now safely back with his owner, suffering only malnutrition and dehy