Miramichi community comes together to find missing horse

Blue and Lylah. Jeremiah Stewart, Lylah's father, said the family is trying to stay strong while they look for Blue.  (Submitted by Jeremiah Stewart - image credit)
Blue and Lylah. Jeremiah Stewart, Lylah's father, said the family is trying to stay strong while they look for Blue. (Submitted by Jeremiah Stewart - image credit)

Jeremiah Stewart said when he got a call at work last night saying his daughter's horse was missing, he rushed home to help look.

Blue is a 20-year-old brown and white paint mare who lives near Red Bank in Miramichi, New Brunswick.

Stewart said while the family is trying to stay strong while they hunt for Blue, who escaped through the electric fence around 8:00 p.m. last night, his daughter Lylah is emotional.

"We have large amounts of anxiety today — last night and today," said Stewart. "She's a very loved pet."

Blue was boarding in the city for a year, said Stewart, but came home yesterday. Stewart said something must have spooked her to make her run through the electric fence.

He said the family was excited to have their horse home.

Stewart said Blue is calm and approachable, but doesn't have a halter on which would make her harder to catch.

She was spotted last night near a neighbour's property, but there have been no sightings today.


Stewart is concerned about Blue, an older horse with a limp from arthritis or old injuries.

But he said her injuries and age might slow her down and make her easier to catch.

Submitted by Jeremiah Stewart
Submitted by Jeremiah Stewart

Stewart is also worried because Blue gets attached to other horses. She was only back with the family for a day before running off and Stewart is hoping that she's not searching for the other horses she was with.

"Because, as of right now, she could be hundreds of kilometres away," he said.

Community steps up

Stewart's wife, Shannon, made a Facebook post early this morning which has since garnered nearly 700 shares. She asked for the community's help, calling for those with four-wheelers or drones to reach out.

Doug Kidd, a drone pilot for about seven years now, says his sister-in-law saw the Facebook post and contacted him.

He reached out to the family to see if he could put the drone to use in the search for Blue.

"They needed help," said Kidd. "Because if I could be of help, I'll give it a shot."

Kidd used the drone to check the fields, but he suspects Blue is hiding in the shade to escape the heat.

As an animal-owner, Kidd sympathizes with the Stewart family.

"I know the feeling," he said. "So if I can be of assistance, you step up."

Stewart said the community has been fantastic.

He said neighbours are out searching on their own and some are riding their dirt bikes around to help find her.

"Just keep your eyes out for Blue," said Stewart. "Keep your ears out for any horse that's whinnying because she's very vocal."

Cleared schedules 

Stewart and his wife have set aside their work lives to search today.  He already spent most of last night searching the woods most nearby.

Stewart said some friends are coming to help after work as well.

He wants people in the area to know how much Blue means to his daughter. Animals can be best friends, he said.

"This is ongoing until we find her for sure. We are not giving up," said Stewart. "She's a good friend and she's lost so we want to find her."