'The missile smashed steamship!' A video of a burning ship in Sevastopol Bay is spreading online

Fire on ship in Sevastopol Bay after reports of explosion
Fire on ship in Sevastopol Bay after reports of explosion

A video with smoke and fire among the ships, allegedly filmed in Sevastopol Bay after an explosion in the city, was shared on social media on April 21.

The Russian occupation authorities reported a "small fire" in the bay, attributing it to missile debris. The person narrating the video claimed, "the missile smashed the ship."

The Crimean Wind monitoring channel, citing information from one of its subscribers, suggested that the rescue ship Kommuna might have been the target in Sukharna Bay of Sevastopol. However, this claim has yet to be verified.

"Kommuna is a rarity, the oldest ship of the Russian Navy and the oldest ship in the world that is actually in service and performing combat missions," stated the channel. The ship was commissioned in 1915, and the channel emphasized the need for confirmation of these reports.

Local social media groups noted that explosions were heard in Sevastopol on the morning of April 21, coinciding with a missile threat alert across Crimea. Eyewitnesses reported significant smoke and observed fire trucks responding in the north of Sevastopol.

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Later in the day, the Russian-appointed "governor of Sevastopol," Mikhail Razvozhayev, claimed that the Russian military had "repelled an anti-ship missile attack on one of the ships on the northern side of Sevastopol Bay." Razvozhayev described the incident as a "small fire" caused by falling shrapnel.

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