Missing berry picker found dead after 3-day search

Missing berry picker found dead after 3-day search

The family of a 67-year-old man who went missing while picking berries earlier this week says the search has come to an unfortunate end.

Harvey Rowe was found dead by a search and rescue team Saturday morning, according to Rowe's nephew Wil Pollett.

Rowe was last seen picking bakeapples on Wednesday.

Crews and family members searched the area between Markland and Colinet on Friday, and Pollett said some berries were found that evening that Rowe may have picked. 

"It got dark on us last night before we could travel up the brook further, and we were scared for our safety, so we came back," he said.

"This morning, search and rescue went into the area where we found the berries, and they found him just upstream."

Pollett said he thinks Rowe may have been walking near the stream and became disoriented and may have fallen.

Search covered difficult terrain

He said the dense forest and rough ground made the search difficult.

"It's such rough terrain and it's desolate in here. It's hard to see through the brush … it's a big land up here," Pollett said.

"It's a tragic situation. We tried whatever we could do to try and find him."

Rowe's nephew thanked police and search and rescue crews for their help in the search.

"Everybody done what they can, everyone worked together as much as they can. I'm just glad that he was found," said Pollett. 

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