Missing horse in Deer Lake returns on Christmas Eve

Submitted by Gwen WIlcox
Submitted by Gwen WIlcox

After offering a reward for the return of a horse Gwen Wilcox said was stolen on Monday, the animal was found a day later, on Christmas Eve, in its stable on a farm in Deer Lake.

Wilcox said the horse hadn't suffered any major injuries.

"We were pretty excited. We all were. Everyone was, like even the previous owners. They were all pretty happy she's back," said Wilcox, who owns the horse named Brandi.

Wilcox said that at 4:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, the owner of the farm where Brandi was being kept called her with the news that the horse was back in her stable.

"She called me screaming into the phone, 'Brandi is back! Brandi is back!'"

Owner not ruling out foul play

Wilcox said she still believes that the horse was stolen, and later returned.

"There's nowhere you're going to go and hide here, really. Nowhere to go with her. And there was so much commotion, I guess they brought her back," she said.

"What I understood was, they pulled in so far, let her out, and walked her into the gate. Closed the gate again and took off."

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