Missouri legislature did the right thing by student-athletes. Your turn, Gov. Parson

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Hunter Dyke/Facebook/Mizzou Athletics

Let’s go, Gov. Mike Parson. Old Mizzou needs ya.

An amendment to Missouri’s legislation concening student-athletes’ NIL — name, image and likeness — made it through both the state House and Senate chambers this week. It now awaits Parson’s approval.

The law wouldn’t go into effect until Aug. 28. The added measure would allow schools to facilitate NIL deals. Some restrictions apply, though.

The state’s flagship program competes in the rugged Southeastern Conference. Well-funded collectives have formed to facilitate financial packages for college athletes at SEC schools, including the University of Missouri.

Tennessee lifted restrictions that barred institutional involvement in pursuing NIL deals. Coaches can now pitch the agreements as part of the recruiting process. Louisiana is most likely next.

Amateurism in college sports has been a long-running joke. The NCAA is trying to rein in players’ NIL rights. Recently, the organization reinforced its rule that prohibits boosters from actively recruiting student-athletes.

But who are we kidding? Big-moneyed alumni call the shots in college sports.

Mizzou backers want to even the playing field. Athletic Director Desiree Reed-Francois is committed to helping student-athletes navigate college sports new terrain.

Mizzou Athletics appreciates the continued work of our state lawmakers supporting student-athletes all across Missouri and we look forward to the NIL amendment heading to the governor’s desk,” Reed-Francois wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

Gov. Parson, sign the bill.

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