MLA Joseph Schow recovering from motor vehicle collision

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On the afternoon of January 11th MLA Joseph Schow was travelling to Edmonton on the QE2 on his way to chair a Legislative Offices committee meeting when he was involved in a major motor vehicle collision. While travelling north past the 482B exit to Ma-Me-O Beach he noticed another vehicle coming down the off ramp, shoulder checked to move into the left lane, and before he had turned his head back around the vehicle had already collided with his. The other vehicle, smaller between the two, flipped several times before coming to a rest in a grassy area. MLA Schow’s truck spun and came to rest in the middle of the highway, luckily with no vehicles in the area to further collide with. MLA Schow shares that “after making sure I was safe I exited my vehicle to check on the other driver who I was sure couldn’t have made it, but she was awake and responsive, though quite alarmed.” MLA Schow considers himself lucky to have walked away from the incident, and is incredibly grateful the other driver is recovering safely also.

Schow suffered a concussion from the event and had to take two weeks recovering and managing acute concussion symptoms before returning to his duties as a Member of the Legislative Assembly. “Concussions are interesting” he says “because you begin to think you’re good and then you turn your head too fast or get up too fast and the symptoms come back quick.” Luckily Schow’s doctor had mentioned this at the onset, so the on and again off again nature of the symptoms was expected as his body adjusts and heals. He shares “I can function, I’m trying to put in as many hours a day as possible, but some days are better than others -- I’m not at the same capacity I once was but I still want to serve my constituents as best I can.”

MLA Schow wants to remind everyone to drive safely. “I drive that road so much I feel like you could blindfold me in the passenger seat and I would know exactly where I am, but stuff like this happens all the time and can happen to anyone. Remember that everyone wants to get home”. Member Schow also expresses gratitude for the constituents who have sent countless letters, dropped off meals, called, texted, driven by his house and honked their horn. “My wife has been called by constituents and friends, everyone is checking in on her, and it has been overwhelming in a good way, so a big thank you for your continued support.”

Elizabeth Thompson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temple City Star