MLB Trade Deadline: Injury, inconsistency make starting pitching priority for Blue Jays

Yusei Kikuchi's inconsistency and Hyun-Jin Ryu's season-ending surgery mean the Blue Jays must add at least one starting arm to the rotation before the MLB trade deadline.

Video Transcript

- First up is the starting rotation. Hyun Jin Ryu's injury and Yusei Kikuchi's inconsistency have made it very clear that the Blue Jays need to add at least one more starter ahead of the August 2nd trade deadline. Now, Ross Stripling has been nothing but solid since taking over for Ryu in this rotation.

But then there's Kikuchi's spot, and really there is no clear answer as of right now. Max Castillo got a start. He was OK. Kikuchi did well in his rehab start in Buffalo, but you never know what you're going to get with him. So the Blue Jays would be wise to go out there and add another arm to this rotation.

A couple of options are Luis Castillo from the Reds, who is most likely the most coveted starter in the trade block right now. And then there are guys like Frankie Montas from the Oakland A's, José Quintana from the Pirates. Plenty of good options for the Blue Jays, and a deep enough farm system that they should be able to make a deal happen.

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