MMA fighter taunts opponent, immediately KO'd by head kick (Video)

Jordan Powell (left) receives a dose of karma after taunting Dominick Reyes (right).

Jordan “Juggernaut” Powell learned a hard lesson in humility Friday during his bout at Legacy Fighting Alliance 13.

Less than a minute into his light heavyweight fight with Dominick Reyes, Powell got a little too confident after dodging a one-two combo, shaking his head at his opponent’s efforts.

Reyes would get the last laugh, connecting with a devastating left kick to Powell’s head seconds later that sent him to the mat. The nod of approval from Reyes was a nice touch.

In fairness to Powell, this type of bravado is quite common in MMA — but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing when it backfires. Remember this guy? You don’t want to end up being compared to that guy, yet here we are.

Hopefully Powell will learn to pick his spots better going forward, or just not at all. In the wise words of Kung Fu Kenny: Sit down. Be humble.