MMSB gives tire recycling pilot project a spin

The agency that oversees recycling in the province is test driving a new program to get rid of old tires.

The Multi-Materials Stewardship Board is organizing drop-off points and curbside pickups in September.

MMSB CEO Leigh Puddester says many people have old tires lying around, but don't realize that they can drop them off any time at tire retailers.

"People don't necessarily think to bring in other ones from their garages or sheds or may not understand that they're able to do that," Puddester said.

He stresses that the program is aimed at passenger car and truck tires.

The drop-off sites will be in place on Saturdays in larger centres on the island, including St. John's, Clarenville and Corner Brook.

The curbside pickups will be in smaller towns such as Arnold's Cove and Rocky Harbour.

A full list — and more information — can be found on the MMSB website.

Labrador has been left out, for cost reasons.

The existing tire recycling program in the province picks up more than 400,000 used tires from garages and retailers each year.

Puddester says they hope to collect about 20,000 tires during the pilot project.

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