MNF announcer Sean McDonough's ears were ringing after Matt Ryan's hilarious f-bomb

The good thing about having boom microphones near the field is that we get to hear all the sounds of the game. And on Monday night, we heard all the sounds of the game.

Let’s just say that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan did NOT like the way Mohamed Sanu was lined up before a play in the fourth quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a contest that eventually went in the Falcons’ favor, 24-21. Ryan swore loudly at Sanu right before the snap to get set. It’s hard to say what was funnier, the loud expletive from Ryan itself or the genuinely surprised “Ooh!” from ESPN announcer Sean McDonough.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was upset at a teammate Monday night, and everyone heard about it. (AP)

Needless to say, this clip contains NSFW language … language that everyone tuning into “Monday Night Football” heard loud and clear:

Hopefully the kids were in bed by the time Ryan decided to tell Sanu in no uncertain terms that he needed to line up correctly.

It’s not like boom mics haven’t caught some foul language before — No. 1 on the list now and forever is Peyton Manning cussing running back Donald Brown as the play was going on — and it’s football. Sometimes things are said that you wouldn’t necessarily hear in Sunday school. However, if you’re not offended easily, it was hilarious.

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