Mobile High School keeps the spirit going after COVID-19 closure


Mobile Central High School on the Southern Shore is known for its Spirit Weeks. But after the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District closed schools due to COVID-19 concerns, students weren't sure if things could go ahead this year.

"We usually have a lot of Spirit Weeks at Mobile, where people dress up and we have points," Grade 12 student and student council president Kathleen Murphy said. "It has this big point system at the end of the year and the grade that has the most points, we get like a fishing field trip or something like that."

After the school closed, a teacher gave the Grade 12 students the idea to create a virtual Spirit Week to keep the fun and school spirit going in challenging times.

Murphy said the idea was a big hit among students, and has done more than just bring students together.

"It's kind of cool 'cause it's not as such a school activity, it's like a community activity," Murphy said. "Like all of alumni, people who went to Mobile, even people who live around Mobile are participating and joining."

Mobile isn't the only school taking its spirit online, with Fogo Island Central Academy and Exploits Valley High in Grand Falls-Windsor doing the same. 

Murphy said the Grade 12 students have done most of the heavy lifting in getting the virtual spirit week, dubbed "MCHS Spirit Days," off the ground. After their final year at the school was cut short, she said, seniors see the opportunity as one last chance to leave their mark on the school.

"It's kind of like a tribute to our last year, which we're not going to get to do, so much milestones and stuff, because we're out of school," Murphy said. "But we still get to do this together."

Submitted by Kathleen Murphy

"I feel like creating this on social media, you still get to see so much connections from the school and your teachers and stuff," Murphy added. "It's everyone coming together, supporting each other in this hard time, especially for us seniors [who] are kind of getting our last year of school taken away from us."

The school has become much more involved in social media in the past few years, thanks to students like Murphy and the rest of the student council. They use social media for things like song requests at dances, asking for student input on subjects and doing prize draws in the student body.

The account is also involved in trends like Throwback Thursday, where the school's alumni post their memories and graduation photos.

"I was just going down through all the comments and they're all like teachers and people actually I've never seen before, and they're all coming together posting their years at Mobile," Murphy said.

"It's kind of cool to just to see the history and the legacy, and that seniors this year created it."

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