Mobile sensory clinic based in the Hat now

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An occupational therapist who transformed a bus into a mobile sensory clinic for young kids moved to the Hat late last year to help children learn important skills.

Erin Grujic is the owner of Sensational Path, a unique clinic within an old school bus.

Grujic moved to the Hat in September of last year with her bus and wants to help families in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area access occupational therapy services for their kids.

“I got tired of having a car full of equipment and always leaving something behind,” she said. “From that, I built this clinic that would travel with me.

“I got this bus and converted it into a playground.”

Occupational therapists work with people to overcome health problems that may interfere with their everyday lives.

For some children, playing at a standard playground may not be possible for a wide range of reasons. Grujic has designed the bus to be a safe space for kids to play, explore and learn different skills.

“I primarily work with preschools and daycares,” she said. “Those kids really need the movement and the activities, and since they can’t go on field trips now, it’s even more important to keep them moving.

“The great thing about the bus is that I can take it anywhere and meet people where they’re at.”

The bus includes a climbing wall, trampoline, zipline, swings, crash mats and more.

“To some people this may just look like a playground,” said Grujic. “This is a safe place for kids to learn and develop sensory motor skills.

“With the bus I can set up play that allows kids to be comfortable and to allow them to learn to play with different things.

“Those foundational skills like play lead to academic learning and behaviour skills.”

Grujic came to the Hat from Pincher Creek and says she is having a fun time getting to know the city as the days pass.

She says she is getting busier as she spends more time in the community.

The outside of the bus was painted recently by local artist Jeff Goring, which has made it so it can’t be missed.

“He did an amazing job,” said Grujic.

More information on her services can be found at

Mo Cranker, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News