Mode Elle celebrates 30 years on the runway

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During October, Mode Elle Model & Talent Agency celebrated 30 years of adaptability and successful navigation through change, along with commemorating the successful launch of countless careers for local talent.

In 1990, Audra Anderson opened the doors to Mode Elle. Recently, Anderson transferred ownership to current president Nicole Voskamp. Voskamp joined the Mode Elle staff in 2010 and has since worn many hats within the agency, teaching classes, organizing runway shows and photoshoots, before becoming the owner and president in October 2019.

“The way we promote our models and talent, and the types of jobs we saw for models and talent was very different even 10 years ago, let alone 30 years ago, when Mode Elle Model and Talent agency first opened its doors in 1990,” said Voskamp.

Not only has Mode Elle been a local source for industry knowledge and a hub for aspiring talent, but the company’s courses and workshops have also played a pivotal role in developing young individual’s self-confidence.

In addition to teaching the fundamentals of runway, photo movement, and acting for TV and Film, Mode Elle offers specific classes that focus on positive body language and communication, such as interview and public speaking skills.

“For us, the goal is for all of our students to feel like they have a toolkit of skills that they can use to help them be successful in any room they walk into,” said Mode Elle teacher and operations manager Leah Hamilton. “That room could be a runway show or a TV commercial audition, but it could also be for a job interview or a presentation at school. And if our students get nervous, or something doesn’t go according to plan, well, that is why we teach improv.”

Hamilton began modelling with Mode Elle at age six and rejoined the Mode Elle team this summer as part of the staff. Hamilton is passionate about providing personal guidance and designing curriculum that will give students a competitive edge as they take their first steps towards a career in modelling and acting.

“Though our main priority continues to be to educate aspiring models and talent and position them for promotion on a national and international scale, we are also excited about our role on a more local level,” said Voskamp. “We are excited when local professional photographers, videographers, models, and performers reach out to us and based on their interest we can design a workshop or an opportunity for collaboration. The result of this collaboration is always an interesting combination of knowledge sharing, networking, and always produces professional content that helps everyone involved take their passion projects and careers to the next level.”

Mode Elle is excited to expand their roster and encourages residents interested in learning about modelling, acting for TV/film, building self-confidence, or would like to expand their skill set in the fashion or talent industry to contact Mode Elle.

At this current time, Mode Elle is also scouting for whole families to represent potential commercial work. With training and representation opportunities for individuals aged 4 and up, residents are encouraged to express interest by emailing the agency at

Virginia Clinton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Intelligencer