Model-singer turned police officer says each job “serves an important purpose” for him

Michael Wyche, a singer and model who is also a Cambridge, Mass., police officer, tells Yahoo News’ Garin Flowers that all three careers play a big role in his life.

Video Transcript

GARIN FLOWERS: How would you rank the importance of everything that you're doing-- singing, modeling, and being a police officer, as far as like, you're like life's goal, like you're ultimate like where you see your career going? Like how would you rank those three?

MICHAEL WYCHE: I don't know how-- I think ranking them, I don't know how I'd rank them. I think music, for me, is just my outlet for a lot of things. And then modeling is cool too because I get to meet different people. I get to talk to different people in different avenues, like outside of the music industry and in the fashion industry. And I get to pick people's brains on certain things.

And you know, I get to be on commercials and magazines and online catalogs and stuff like that. So I think that's-- it's super dope to be-- and a blessing, you know. Praise God for letting me be a part of that as well. Being a police officer, you know, I love helping people. That's pretty much why I decided to join and take this job and take this career on.

And you know, I don't know how it can all intertwine, but I feel like it's coming together right now in this interview. You know? So I think it's-- I think every single thing that I do with music, modeling, and police plays a big important role in my life and serves an important purpose in my life as well.