Modern Family cast reprise roles in new reunion

jesse tyler ferguson, eric stonestreet, ty burrell, julie bowen, morden family season 4
Modern Family cast reprise roles in new reunionFox

Four Modern Family cast members have reprised their famous roles in a new show reunion.

Actors Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson appear respectively as Phil and Claire Dunphy and Cam Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett for a new WhatsApp advert.

Viewers find the four back in the Dunphy family home, with the characters reacting to a photo of eldest daughter Haley Dunphy's twins shared in the family group chat.

ty burrell, julie bowen, eric stonestreet, jesse tyler ferguson, modern family whatsapp advert

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"The picture Haley sent of the twins is so precious," says Stonestreet as Cam, sat alongside Phil and Claire on the sofa.

"Oh let me see," says Mitchell entering the living room, with Phil replying: "It's in the group chat", moments later realising he's put his foot in it.

"You started a family chat without me?" asks Mitchell insulted, before pointing his finger and uttering one of his iconic lines from the show: "Shame!"

All three quickly explain that it's Mitchell's phone which is the issue, before the camera pans to a guy painting next to the living room window, who suggests switching to WhatsApp chats as it works on all phone models.

jesse tyler ferguson, eric stonestreet, ty burrell, julie bowen, morden family season 4

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It's not long before the family rectify the issue, with Mitchell in the next scene reacting to a photo sent in the new WhatsApp family group chat.

"I still can't believe you cut me out," he quips to Cam, who replies with a sentimental statement very fitting of his character.

"Look, we may have cut you from here," Cam says pointing to the phone before touching his heart with his hand and adding: "Never from here."

Tyler Ferguson previously teased a reunion was on the cards with a set photo shared on Instagram in May. "Haven't seen this view in a while," he wrote, alongside a photo of the Dunphy family home set.

It's the first time fans have seen the Modern Family stars playing their roles again since the show ended in 2020. The hit ABC show premiered in 2009 and ran for 11 seasons.

Modern Family seasons 1-11 are available to stream on Disney +.

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