This modular watercraft system lets users decide how they want to ride

·1 min read

In an oversaturated market of water vessels, this modular system may pique your interest. Mo-jet is not a typical water board, it is the base for 5 different board attachments allowing water sports enthusiasts to decide how they ride. The available attachments are all sold separately and consist of: surfboard, foil, dive, surf air, and rescue. They also aren’t cheap, ranging from $1,600 to almost $5,000. Depending on the attachment, the Mo-jet can reach a top speed of 40 mph thanks to its 11 kW jet motor that can produce 256 lbs of thrust. The remote-controlled modular system is battery-powered with a swappable battery. Mo-jet has a starting price tag of almost $11,000. Would you buy this watercraft?

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