Moe tells farmers at Agribition he has spoken with Ottawa about getting grain moving

News that the week-long CN rail strike was ending broke while Premier Scott Moe was hosting his first ever "Fireside" chat at Agribition in Regina Tuesday.

The 2019 harvest was particularly challenging for Saskatchewan grain farmers, with excessive rain delaying harvest and adding the cost of drying the grain. Then the week-long strike created a backlog on shipping crops already delayed by weather. These delays and extra expenses cut into the profit margin for farmers.

Premier Moe said he has spoken with Marc Garneau, Federal Minister of Transportation, about ways to get the grain moving.

"He most certainly has a role to play in ensuring that that we have the capacity to export our products in this province out into the winter and I'm asking him to look at the plans that will be submitted and to take them very seriously."

Moe said there are a couple options to help get more grain moving faster and that he will be negotiating with the federal government to ensure the crops get moving.

"Maybe we were able to continue with some of our summer transport capacity much longer into the winter or throughout the winter," he said.

Moe said there is a backlog and the challenges the province is facing is far from over.

Despite all of the issues farmers faced this year, Saskatchewan agriculture producers have taken off what looks to be the second largest harvest in the history of the province.

Moe said this is, "truly truly a badge of honour here in Saskatchewan and only due to the agricultural producers that we represent across the province."