Moldova gears up for EU integration referendum this October

Flag of Moldova
Flag of Moldova

The Moldovan Parliament has scheduled a referendum for October 20, 2024, to decide on the nation's potential European integration, according to local media outlet NewsMaker.

The proposal received broad support, with 56 lawmakers voting in favor. In contrast, 20 opposition members abstained and four voted against.

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The referendum question has been revised from the initial "Are you in favor of Moldova's accession to the EU?" to a more constitution-focused "Do you support the introduction of European integration into the Constitution of Moldova?" Voters will choose between "Yes" or "No."

Veronica Roșca, one of the bill's authors, explained that the ballot would detail the specific amendments to be made to the Constitution should the majority approve.

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Key changes include adding a preamble that acknowledges Moldova's European identity and the irrevocable nature of its path toward European integration. Additionally, a new article will be incorporated, asserting that Moldova will adhere to treaties foundational to the EU and subsequent acts amending those treaties. Upon joining, these documents will supersede national laws.

These constitutional amendments will be enacted immediately following the Constitutional Court's validation of the referendum results, circumventing the need for further parliamentary approval.

This move comes as the European Council, on December 14, 2023, began EU accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova, also extending candidate status to Georgia.

President Maia Sandu had previously urged Parliament in late December to consider a referendum on EU membership, further emphasizing the country's European aspirations.

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