Mom busts out the gift wrap when kids complain she ‘never buys them anything’: ‘This killed me’

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A mom had the perfect response to her ungrateful kids in a hilarious TikTok video.

Candace, aka @tiktokin_mama2, has over 149,000 followers on TikTok. She’s known for gently roasting her kids and poking fun at the highs and lows of motherhood. Her motto is, “be the mom that stops worrying what other people think.” Candace didn’t want to hear it when her kids said she never bought them anything.

“I’ll show them,” she wrote in the video caption.

Candace then proceeded to regale her kids with all the things she has, in fact, bought them. She put gift bows on the toilet roll, the light switch, the faucet and the stove. Candace then proceeded to gift wrap the entire house.

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The video racked up a whopping 17.9 million views and 1.8 million likes. TikTokers felt like they were totally in on the joke.

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“Savage, mom! Kids these days expect more than I ever remember and have no reservations asking for it. Love this vid,” one person commented.

“This killed me,” one user laughed.

“Make sure you put a bow on top of their heads since you gave them life,” someone responded.

“You better wrap yourself and stick a bow on, girl, cause nothing is possible without you, and they need to respect that,” another wrote.

The bar is officially set!

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