Mom calls out family friend over his ‘ridiculous’ nickname for her baby: ‘Not OK at all’

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A woman can’t believe her husband’s friend keeps calling her son by the wrong name.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after an incident took place. Her husband’s friend refers to her son as “Thomas.” While her family was visiting, the friend insisted on calling the child by that name. When she asked him to stop, things got heated very quickly. 

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“My husband has a friend from college who he calls brother, they’re inseparable. His friend tends to act rudely sometimes,” she wrote. “I tolerate his behavior since it’s not that weird but things got worse when I got pregnant. He started calling my unborn son ‘Thomas’ even though we told him I picked my grandfather’s name for my son. Not only that but he’d post pictures of my son on Facebook and type ‘Tommy’ instead of my son’s original name which got people confused. I talked to my husband and then explained to his friend that he should stop calling my son Thomas but he kept doing it even more, he even came up with more nicknames besides the name itself.” 

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But when he wouldn’t stop using the name “Thomas,” she banned him from the house

“It all came to head last night when my husband’s friend visited us while my family was visiting,” she said. “Once he walked in he repeatedly started calling my son Thomas. Everyone was confused. I felt awful. I angrily corrected him in front of everyone and told him my son’s name is not Thomas. In his defense, he said that Thomas was a lot cooler and better than the name I picked. My family heard and were hurt since that was my grandfather’s name. I got mad and told him he’s no longer welcome to our house until he learns to call my son with his real name and stop this disrespect. My husband’s friend argued with me then left. My husband said his friend wants to use this name and we should just accept it but I humiliated and embarrassed his friend by berating him in front of my family then kicked him out.”

Redditors thought the friend was totally in the wrong. 

“He disregards your loud and clear expressed wish to stop with his ridiculous behavior,” someone commented

“It feels like he’s accepted his opinion to be a reality. Not OK at all,” another wrote.

“This is sheer disrespect for you and your son,” a user said

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