Mom captures toddler’s love of shopping in adorable TikTok

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This parent on TikTok shared a video of her delighted toddler browsing the racks of princess dresses at Target, and viewers can’t help but smile over the joyful shopping spree.

TikToker Hannah Sawyer (@hannsawyer) is a full-time parent who shares cute clips featuring her two small children. Recently, Sawyer shared a video of her 2-year-old daughter, Ellie, bursting with excitement during a shopping trip to Target, and viewers can’t get enough of the little girl’s infectious enthusiasm.

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“Oh my gosh,” Ellie exclaims in the clip’s opening before the camera pan to reveal the toddler standing in an entire rack of princess dresses.

Ellie holds up an adorable pink dress and glances at the camera with an expression of sheer thrill and surprise.

“That one’s cute! It’s got flowers on it,” the toddler informs her mother, who responds in approval.

Suddenly, the clip cuts to a shot of Ellie holding a long blue princess dress. After looking at the dress, the toddler turns to her mom and sweetly declares, “I want to get this one! It’s my size!”

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“It’s your size?” Sawyer, trying to suppress her laughter, asks her precious little one. To which Ellie responds with an affirmative, “YEAH!”

Sawyer explains that the dress might be too big, but Ellie insists, “It’s not too big,” and affirms, “It’s my siiiize,” placing an adorable emphasis on the word “size.”

Moments later, the clip cuts to another shot of Ellie digging through the racks to find a green Tinkerbell dress.

“I wanna get this, Momma,” the toddler says, holding the green dress until her mom shows her a sparkly dress.

Upon hearing the word “sparkly,” Ellie’s jaw drops, and her eyes widen, expressing a range of ecstatic emotions.

Right before the video comes to a close, Sawyer shows her daughter a purple princess dress. While still looking at one of the other dresses, Ellie turns her attention to the purple dress with a dramatic gasp before letting out a joyous cheer.

Sawyer’s fun video left viewers wanting more of Ellie’s contagious enthusiasm.

“I want to go shopping with her,” one user mentioned.

“*Dress taller than she is* ‘It’s my siiiizeeee!’ She’s so cute,” complimented one TikToker.

“My teen was like this when she was 4 and found sparkly heels… There was no turning back,” one parent joked.

Based on Ellie’s current excitement for clothes, a career in fashion definitely seems like a possibility.

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