Mom who feels ‘silly’ after having teeth removed and dentures put in receives emotional pep talk from 5-year-old

A mom struggling with her new dentures captured her 5-year-old’s touching pep talk — and now, the little girl’s shocking words of wisdom are going viral.

Charlie (@themuthaclucka4eva), a mom of two and artist from Albany, Ore., recently began documenting her dental journey on TikTok. Now her touching videos are inspiring people all around the world.

After years of struggling with dental issues, she finally resolved to have teeth removed — but after having dentures put in, the mom wasn’t feeling very confident in her appearance.

Thankfully, her little girl, Junie, was there to cheer her on — and her loving words have struck a chord with nearly 800,000 TikTokers.

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“I just had my teeth removed and dentures put in, and I was having a sad moment of feeling like I look silly,” Charlie wrote in the video. “My daughter had my back.”

In a follow-up video, Charlie explained that she shared the moment with Junie, age 5, to show her that adults have “normal, human emotions.”

Trying to help her children adjust to their mom’s new appearance (in addition to receiving dentures, Charlie now wears glasses), Charlie opened up to her oldest child about her physical transformation and her feelings about it.

“I look like a very different person,” she explained. “It’s very good for their mental development for me to express when I’m struggling. Not with heavy things, but with little things, like, ‘I feel a little silly with my new teeth.'”

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After a “lifetime of pain and excessive dental work,” Charlie had 12 teeth removed — six from the top and six from the bottom.

But despite being thrilled with her new “white teeth that didn’t cause chronic pain,” the young mom struggled to adjust and feel confident.

In an effort to connect with the “denture community” of TikTok, Charlie began documenting her dental journey — which includes Junie’s rousing speech.

Since uploading the 5-year-old’s heartwarming pep talk, nearly 4,000 TikTokers have responded in the comment section.

“As a dental assistant it’s normal to feel ‘silly’ at first due to a foreign object being put in your whole mouth! you’re valid but you look amazing!!” one user wrote.

“You look amazing and have raised a beautiful daughter🥰,” commented another user.

“Oh my gosh what a tender-hearted little love bug you’ve raised!! 💕,” wrote one user.

“Is she taking appointments?? could use that kind of pep talk fr,” read another comment.

“You know why she’s talking to you like that? Because she’s heard those words before, and I’m willing to bet they came from you ❤️,” one user wrote.

“You can tell that you speak so much love into her,” another user commented.

Charlie continues to document her dental journey on TikTok, where she’s recently gained over 1,000 followers. In a recent update to followers, she shared, “The pain is finally starting to be mostly tolerable. I definitely have sore spots from the dentures that will be fixed in a few weeks hopefully.”

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