This mom had the perfect response when her daughter was caught bullying a classmate

Mom and daughter buying a gift to apologize for daughter bullying another child

Bullying is on the rise—the National Center for Educational Statistics reports that one out of every five students is bullied. All of us—parents, teachers, and all other adults who have a hand in kids’ lives—have a responsibility to work together to watch for signs of bullying and teach kids to be kind to one another.

And one mom, who learned that her daughter had been bullying a classmate, is going viral for her reaction—and for coming up with the perfect way for her daughter to apologize and atone for her bad behavior.

Nique, who posts to TikTok as @afrolatina93, posted the video with the caption, “I always tell my kids that you never know what a person is going through at home and what they have to deal with every day. You are to always be kind to everyone because how you treat someone can impact their mental health in either 2 ways! Not only that but everything you have can be taken away just as fast as you received it! Humble yourself!”

In the video, we see her daughter walking through the aisles at Target. Text over the video reads, “POV: Your child decided to be a follower and bully another kid today knowing you hate bullies! This is how we apologize in our household.”

In the video, Nique and her daughter gather supplies at Target, and then, at home, put them together into an epic apology gift basket for the girl her daughter bullied. It includes a jewelry making kit, a cute notebook, some snacks, a facemask, cute Cat and Jack jewelry, a stuffed dog, and an apology card with a hand-written note. The note reads, “I’m sorry for being mean to you and talking about your hair. You are a wonderful friend to me so I apologize for that.”

Tucked into the back of the card is a gift card to Krispy Kreme, and the gift basket gets finished off with a bouquet of flowers and a small smiley face balloon. Is it extra? Maybe a little. Is it going to make the bullied girl feel better? Absolutely. Did it teach Nique’s daughter a lesson in kindness? Definitely.

In the comments, people praised the idea.

“Bullying is one thing I WONT tolerate. Love this,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “We need more parents like you!! You didn’t make excuses for your child’s bad choice, but turned it into a learning opportunity for her!”

And this comment warmed our hearts: “as a girl who grew up getting bullied this warms my heart. as a kid I was taught to be quiet and take it. More kids need to be raised like this.”