This Mom Is Livid Because She Bought Her Kid $80 Worth Of Favors To Throw In A School Parade, But Their Teacher Gave It To Someone Else

There's drama in the classroom, ya'll! A parent bought their child favors to throw in a school parade, but found out their child's teacher took away a portion of those favors to give to another student who ran out.

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Here's the full story in u/United-Gain1839's own words: "My son is in second grade and I make sure he has everything he needs for school. Recently, they had a Mardi Gras parade, and I bought him $80 worth of throws for the parade so he will have stuff to throw throughout the whole ride, but that wasn't the case."

"A girl in his class threw all her stuff at once at the beginning of the parade and the teacher made my son share his stuff with her, and she threw his stuff all at once, leaving my son with nothing for the rest of the parade."

"So I contacted the teacher and asked her why this happened and she said with a nasty attitude, 'Well the girl had nothing left, so I was not going to let her go without, it's not fair.'"

"Me: 'But my son deserves to go without!'"

"Shouldn't she buy extra instead of taking away from other children or am I overreacting?"

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People in the comments were unanimously PISSED at the teacher. "This is unfair and unacceptable," user Michmkjl wrote. "The teacher's actions deprived your son of his belongings without consent."

"Sharing should be voluntary and equitable, not forced. You're right to be upset, and it's important to address this matter to ensure it doesn't happen again."

Agreeing, user RetreadRoadRocket wrote: "It doesn't matter if it was $5 or $500, it wasn't the teacher's place to steal the kid's stuff and give it to somebody else's kid."

Slightly disagreeing, user InformalNobody5409 said: "I think accusing the teacher of stealing and asking for the money back as many have suggested might feel good, but would likely impact your son's success at his school for years to come. No teacher's going to want to see you coming. Just a thought."

"As a fellow teacher, I would never do something like that," user Shadowtirs wrote. "Teacher should have bought extra beads for the class if they were so concerned. You can ask the student if he wants to share some, but you can't force him to surrender his own for another student like that."

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"Ex-teacher here. Your next step is to contact the principal to make sure this never happens again," user Over-Marionberry-686 agreed. "If it does and maybe even in this time, I would also take it to the school board. This is unacceptable behavior on the teachers part. This was a teachable moment."

"She could easily have taught the young lady that she needs to take her time to throw things. Instead, she taught the young lady that there’s no consequences for her actions, I am sorry for your son. Not the asshole."

"Shit like this is why me and my mom always wrote my name in my stuff after school shopping," user NovaStar92 wrote. "Teachers were pissed when they couldn’t add it to the box to be mixed up and distributed to others."

What do ya'll think about this situation? Was the teacher justified by making the child share their supplies? Or did she completely overstep? Let us know in the comments below.