Mom-preneurs Paola Alberdi and Chriselle Lim discuss mental health and getting creative as CEOs during the pandemic

Paola Alberdi and Chriselle Lim are best known for their massive social media platforms, on which each of the women share their incredible senses of fashion and lifestyle tips as modern women and entrepreneurs on the go. As the pandemic put a hold on dressing up, traveling and all things that were "business as usual," however, Alberdi and Lim were forced to pivot and focus solely on maintaining their brands from home with their husbands and children — a shift that came with pros and cons.

While both moms praised their "hands-on" husbands, they shared that mothers experience unique pressure as parents. "Women have a tendency to kind of keep everything in right until like we blow up," Lim said. "I think it's really important that we have that space for ourselves as mothers to really take care of our mental health."

Alberdi added, "No one will ever question a stay-at-home mom again, because literally it is a full-time job."

Watch the video above to hear their experiences with pandemic parenting.