Mom shares nurse’s postpartum ‘padsicle’ hack: ‘Best thing ever’

This easy hack might provide the perfect postpartum pain relief.

One of the moms of the TikTok account @moms shared the “best tip my L/D nurse gave me after having a baby.” The simple hack to create a “padsicle,” or a chilled sanitary napkin, is super easy and plenty helpful.

According to Healthline, a padsicle “is basically a sanitary napkin that’s chilled in the freezer, and then placed inside your underwear to relieve pain and encourage healing after a vaginal delivery. These frozen pads are a lifesaver after childbirth.”

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“Get size 1 or 2 Huggie diapers,” the video captions explained. “Rip an open on the side with the tabs. Create a pocket, stuff with ice. Fold the back side over the opening and secure. Awe now you have a heavenly padsicle that won’t leak.”

People shared their padsicle experiences in the comment section.

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“Those were the best after birth!! I’d still use them now,” a user wrote.

“Buy some pads, soak with witch hazel/aloe, place in freezer. Use as needed,” another suggested.

“My nurses made these for me in the hospital,” someone added.

“Soak a pad and stick it in freezer (gallon ziplock bag),” a person said.

“Best thing ever,” one TikToker replied.

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