Mom shares solution for one of her toddler’s more ridiculous tantrums

This parent on TikTok shared a hack she used to prevent her toddler from a meltdown after she confiscated a dirty diaper he was carrying throughout the house, but viewers had mixed feelings about her approach.

Meltdowns and temper tantrums are all part of being a toddler. With their emotions overriding any logic, toddlers can break down over some pretty ridiculous things. No one knows this better than TikToker and parent Kristi-Lynn (@kristiiiilynnnn). The fun-loving mom recently shared a video featuring a trick she used to avert a silly toddler tantrum, but the method received a mixed response from viewers.

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The clip opens with a shot of Kristi-Lynn’s adorable toddler, Hunter, wearing a green onesie and eagerly clutching a used diaper.

From behind the camera, Kristi-Lynn takes the diaper away from Hunter. The wide-eyed toddler instantly becomes enraged, stomping his feet before wailing and trying to take back his precious diaper.

To keep the peace and the dirty diaper away from Hunter, Kristi-Lynn came up with an easy and creative solution where she created a decoy dirty diaper by wrapping a fresh one around a toy football.

Unaware that the dirty diaper is an imposter, Hunter gladly takes it back from his mom before meandering off to play with it as the video comes to a close.

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While many viewers thought Kristi-Lynn’s diaper switcheroo was genius, others had reservations about the tantrum-taming method.

“Smart thinking, momma,” one user complimented.

“You must say ‘No.’ The best time to teach them is at this young age. If not, he will get used to throwing tantrums. He’ll get over it. Trust me,” one parent stated.

“I love this! He’ll still learn the word ‘No’ like everyone is saying. Nothing wrong with compromise! Happy baby, happy family,” encouraged one TikToker.

“Are y’all forgetting that he’s a baby?! Barely even a toddler! They don’t understand why. It’s about redirecting at that age,” commented one viewer, defending Kristi-Lynn.

Sometimes parenting is about choosing your battles. While there are instances where kids should be told “No,” compromise can often be the best solution.

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