Moment petty Republican state Rep is caught dumping water into Democratic rival’s tote bag

A Republican state lawmaker from Vermont confessed to pouring water into the bag of a Democratic colleague for months on end.

Video footage captured Republican Mary Ann Morrissey dumping cups of water into Democratic state Rep. Jim Carroll’s tote bag, which was hanging on a coat rack, on multiple occasions. Two videos, showing separate incidents in March, were first released by the Vermont outlet Seven Days.

“I have been very reluctant to disclose the video because I believe it will deeply embarrass Representative Morrissey,” Carroll issued a statement to the outlet. “However, it has become clear to me that the media are aware of the details of Representative Morrissey’s behavior, and likely will continue to report on that behavior in the near future,” he wrote.

Unsure of the source of the water, Carroll told the outlet that he set up a $23 spy camera behind a scarf aimed at the coat rack, which hangs in the hallway outside of his committee room. The camera captured the watershed moment - that had been going on for five months.

“For five months, I went through this... It was torment, there’s no doubt about it,” Carroll said.

Morrissey apologized to Carroll on June 17 on the House floor in front of their colleagues.

“I am truly ashamed for my actions,” the Republican legislator said.

“I have given my sincere apology to Jim directly and publicly and will be working towards resolution and restoration through our legislative process. It was conduct most unbecoming of my position as a representative and as a human being and is not reflective of my 28 years of service and civility,” she said.

Carroll told the Associated Press he first noticed his bag becoming soaked a few times a week back in January and February. Carroll was arrested in February for driving under the influence.

But when he returned from rehab, he told the Associated Press that his bag was wet daily: “It was relentless.”

After capturing the damning footage, Carroll said he showed the evidence to House Speaker Jill Krowinski, who then approached Morrissey.

“This is a truly disturbing situation that is at odds with our legislative practices,” Krowinski told the outlet in a statement.

“The integrity and decorum of our legislative proceedings and of legislators are of paramount importance, and any actions or behaviors that compromise these values will be thoroughly investigated and addressed,” the legislator said.