Momma whale takes a break from migrating in bay — while calf has playtime. See photos

While making their way south for their annual migration, a momma whale and her calf took some time to rest in an Australian bay.

The slow-moving pair stopped in Jervis Bay to take advantage of the sheltered water, experts with Marine Mammal Research JB said in an Aug. 24 Facebook post.

The momma whale rested while her calf played a little bit before taking a break, experts said. Witnesses watched as the whales dove and swam. They mostly rested at the surface, though.

Officials with the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service have been tracking the pair for about five weeks, according to Marine Mammal Research JB. The two have been traveling slowly, mostly overnight, and resting during the day close to the beaches.

Experts said the calf needs to “fatten up” before finishing its migration south.

Southern right whales typically stop in Jervis Bay in July and August to rest during their migration south, experts said.

The endangered species lives in the Southern Hemisphere but migrates between high-latitude feeding grounds and low-latitude breeding areas, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Jervis Bay is about 90 miles south of Sydney.

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