Mom's 'Bikini Karaoke' video inspires body confidence

Mom's 'Bikini Karaoke' video inspires body confidence
Bikini karaoke. (Photo: Instagram/mrsrionaoconnor)

With all the endless fuss over getting a bikini body, one mother, singer, actress, and parody artist posed the question, what is a bikini body anyway? She answered her own query via a hilarious mash-up.

In her video “Bikini Karaoke,” Riona, the Unnatural Woman, makes the argument that a bikini body is just a body with a bikini on it. And she’s absolutely right. Which means, obtaining one is as easy as slipping on a two-piece. So you can stop doing those sit-ups now.

BIKINI KARAOKE – Parody Mashup

*NEW VIDEO* BIKINI KARAOKE – Parody Mashup. For the bikini fearing, cellulite despairing, wobble embracers who dare to jiggle!Don't forget to join me over on Instagram too @mrsrionaoconnor

Posted by Riona – The Unnatural Woman on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

In the beginning of the video, she reads off her phone, “how to get a bikini body?” as if she’s Googling the question. Then she reveals the secret: “Put a bikini on your body.”

Gasping, she then looks at the camera and declares, “I have so much time to make up for!” before she throws on a hot pink two-piece.

“I have had so many issues with body confidence and weight gain, especially over the past few months,” Riona tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I am a great follower of the body-positive movement, so I decided to put my money where my mouth is and really push myself to accept the body I come in.”

The description of her video reads: “For the bikini fearing, cellulite despairing, wobble embracers who dare to jiggle!”

Riona, who describes herself as an “overeater” on Instagram, got the brilliant idea from a meme. “I saw this meme ‘How to get a bikini body: put a bikini on your body’ quite a while ago and it stuck with me. I don’t know who came up with it, but it is so simple and perfect,” she recalls. The mash-up features songs like “Crazy in Love, “Roar,” and “Born This Way,” supplemented with Riona’s own lyrics.

“Don’t have a thigh gap, all shapes deserve to sashay!” Riona sings in the pink bikini. As she shops in Tesco and drives, she chants, “just ate some potatoes, got my thigh on show.” And she sits on a swing singing, “your belly size is not your worth.” She renames “Fight Song” “Cellulite Song” and sings, “I’ll wear that tiny thong, and I don’t really care what anyone watching sees, cuz who really cares, now I’ve found my bikini.” The lyric that rang most true to me might have been, “I just want my chips when I’m alive!”

But the best lyric is definitely, “It’s my life. Don’t care what I measure, I just want to eat my Cheddar,” sang to Jon Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.”

And even though she closes the video with Demi Lovato’s “Confident,” she says it wasn’t easy pushing publish on this baby. “It’s so scary putting this wobbly body out there in a bikini, but I guess that’s the point. Do it anyway!!!” she captioned an Instagram post promoting the video. “It was so hard to summon the courage to get my dress off in Tesco!” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I had to grit my teeth and just do it!!! I was thinking of the end goal, and it was a great challenge.”

While the video is definitely entertaining, that’s not its sole purpose.

“I have never ever felt comfortable or confident in any swimwear, not to mention a bikini, so this video is a way to really challenge myself and other women to change the perception of what a bikini body means,” she shares. “For me, it means that we are all perfection. There is no one way, no one perfect body.”

Riona adds that she’s never really even felt comfortable in her own skin. “I have used various tools to help me accept my body — counseling, meditation, weight loss, weight gain — but it’s taking such a long time to get there. I am sick and tired of wasting so much energy on feeling sad and frustrated with myself. My body has enabled me to create so many wonderful memories, meet amazing people, and create and grow a little human,” the mom says. “That’s pretty amazing! I’m telling myself that on a daily basis and trying my best not to pace outside my wardrobe door telling myself how vile I am. I’m getting there. Slowly but surely, I’m getting there.”

She’s helping her large following get to a place of self-love as well. “The response so far has been amazing. Women have been saying that this video is really inspiring for them and I’m feeling very humbled by that,” Riona gushes. “Of course there will be trolls, but they say nothing new and nothing I haven’t told myself in the past, so I’m very happy not to listen to them!

“Women’s voices when we come together are so strong and loud. I love that. Those are the voices I’m listening to.”

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