Work on Moncton's Downtown Centre is 'progressing well'

The City of Moncton has released its latest monthly update the Downtown Centre, confirming the construction project was still on schedule at the end of February.

"We've been blessed with great weather in the fall and this winter, except for a couple of storms here and there," said Isabelle LeBlanc, communications director for the city.

With work about to begin on the plaza, "we're really happy that there's not five feet of snow on the ground," she said.

Construction of the sports and entertainment centre began in the spring of 2016, so crews have been working on the project for a little less than a year.

"We're on target on all accounts," LeBlanc said.

'Things are falling into place'

There weren't any milestones — installing the seats, for example — last month, but the project is "progressing well."

For example, the crews installed interior metal studs on the press, or fourth, level, and are now installing studs on the floor below.

"It's just very comforting to know that things are falling into place," LeBlanc said.

Meanwhile, the bowl is starting to take shape, and workers are almost finished pouring the concrete steps that will lead to the seats.

"So visually that's very appealing and it shows lots of progress when you see it," LeBlanc said.

Over the next four weeks, work will include removing equipment and snow from the plaza and continuing masonry work on the lowest level.

The $104-million project is still set to open in September 2018.