Mono Council hoping to assist Public Health with vaccines rollout

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The administering of COVID-19 vaccines was an area of discussion during Mono Council’s meeting on Tuesday (Feb. 9).Councillor Ralph Manktelow brought up a request from the Wellington–Dufferin–Guelph Public Health Unit made to Duf-ferin County Council concerning the need for assistance in administering COVID-19 vaccines locally.The task was for people who could be made available to deal with the data nec-essary in the process, not the actual injec-tions. The expectation appeared to be for staff, who are perhaps laid off or otherwise have time on their hands, that could assist in this process. Coun. Manktelow was adamant in his feeling that this is a highly important com-ponent in dealing with the pandemic. Get-ting the vaccine administered quickly and efficiently as possible was, to his way of thinking, hugely important, especially with the recent delays in supply.He was supported in his arguments by Coun. Sharon Martin and Deputy Mayor John Creelman. Creelman even went so far as to suggest that perhaps a summer stu-dent could be hired through a Federal Gov-ernment program to do the work.Although the delivery and administering of the vaccines is indeed crucial, there was the thought presented that this was more of a download from the health unit, than a true need. Regardless, there was obviously support for the plan and it was decided that when Dr. Nicola Mercer, the region’s Medical Offi-cer of Health, addresses Dufferin County Council, shortly in the future, that more clarity can be determined and perhaps a better informed decision could be made at that time.

Peter Richardson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Orangeville Citizen