Montreal's long-awaited Blue line extension could soon, finally, be a reality. Here's why

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    why are all extentions in the eastend of montreal and non going to the west?
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    Bla bla bla, elections, elections, elections.
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    What’s the blue line? Anything like the green line that dumps sewage into the st Lawrence from all cities along this river,just asking.
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    Foxy Fox
    Talk, talk, talk. That all they do! The blue line toward Anjou was suppose to be approved and yet it still stalling.

    When will the work start? I hate the 141 bus line, its often full and have to let 5 to 6 bus pass before you can enter it at Pie-IX. they should also add bus on the 41, but they do the reverse, they cut bus and expect us to take the bus?

    If I had a car I would use it, more convenient and more faster that the bus and metro will all its interruption of services for this and that!
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    So why is Montreal getting the money! WHAT ABOUT VANCOUVER - BROADWAY LINE! Come on Truddy!
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    No money and the cdn dollar is in freefall. Biggest collapse for the loonie since the 1980s - when turdo's old man drove the loonie into the ditch. USD is headed for 1.60 just like last time the Libs held office. Loonie is actually much worse against Yen, Euro, Francs, Yuans, Ringetts, etc. Worst currency on earth - fact!
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    fast eddie
    well the federal liberals have to get this done in the next year to pay the east back for the votes that got those morons elected, take the western transfer payment and help the eastern liberals, JT knows he is a 1 and done PM, the people of Canada surely cant be stupid enough to re-elect this globe trotting Mr. dress up impersonator
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    Montreal, Quebec for that matter can't organize, do anything without Federal Funding. Ironically major construction announcements coincide with Liberal Governments and upcoming elections.
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    So they will stay home......
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    Paid for by the evil English taxpayer from outside Quebec. Trudeau buying votes with our money. Put the metro in the same spot they put the oil pipeline.