Montreal police crash illegal party in Ahuntsic, with dozens not wearing masks, not distancing

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More than 80 people are at risk of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in combined fines after Montreal police officers discovered an illegal party last night in a commercial building in Ahuntsic.

Police spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant says officers followed up on a tip and discovered 83 people — all of them in their 20s — inside a building on Louvain Street, none were wearing facemasks or keeping a two-metre distance from others.

"It's not actually a bar. It's a place that was probably rented to throw a party inside," said Brabant. "There was a warrant that was asked on site so we could go in."

Fines for failing to wear a facemask range from $400 to $6,000, and fines for illegal gatherings can cost as much $1,500.

Drugs were also seized last night, Brabant said, as well as alcohol due to it being served without a legal permit.

The SPVM spokesperson said officers filled out infraction reports and it will be up the director of criminal and penal prosecutions to determine how many fines will be handed out.

The people present are said to have to cooperated with police.